Fitness Class Registration

Alright everyone!!! I had gotten a few donations for gifts for christmas so this will be a FREE to enter contest !! We will start on 1/4/2020!! 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and Attendance Raffle Prizes !! I can tell you 1st place is a Kindle !!! We will have weekly weigh in’s. Failure to weigh in will disqualify a participant from an individual prize. However, I recognize unforeseen circumstances come up, and you may need to miss a weigh in and for this reason, you may miss one weigh in. An individual cannot miss the first or last weigh in and if an individual misses more than one weigh in, the individual and team will be disqualified. We encourage individuals to continue to be weighed at the weekly weigh-ins, but again, their results will not be considered for the first or second place team prizes. Who’s in!!!