• BDavis_96 posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Alright so I have not logged on probably since I created this account in January. I have had a lot going on, a lot of life changes with jobs, schooling, relocating, but I am going to proceed to post mileage by the month down below. Hopefully this reaches everyone it needs to reach? If I need to break it down by the day someone please let me know!
    January: 55 miles
    February: 71 miles
    March: 68 miles
    April: 62 miles
    May: 97 miles
    June: 95 miles
    July: 68 miles
    August: 70 miles
    September: 102 miles
    October: 101 miles
    November: 61 miles
    December: 97 miles

    If my math skills are up to par this should yield a gran total of: 947 miles for 2019.

    Again, if I need to break these down by the day or send these to someone specific let me know.

    Happy Running!