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    That walk sounds so rejuvinating. The one I went on today was a bit of a challenge. It was more of dodge the ice than anything at Oak Ridge Prarie. Thanks for posting 🙂

  • 1/8-1.25mi(trail walk), 1/12-1mi(street walk). 2.25mi total. I am going to try to total up miles for the week to make things easier. *Also paid for my medal today….yayyyyyyy!!

  • Catch up post here: I don’t see my miles for NY day(logged before the website change) 1/1-2mi(outdoors), 1/4-1.5mi(outdoors), 1/6-1(outdoors), 1/7-1.5mi(treadmill). 6.5total

  • 1.5 mi. walk today in the abundant sunshine 🙂

  • Working on figuring all this out. Do we log in miles each time we go for a run, walk, etc? Where exactly do we log these miles in? Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

    • On the home page tab there is a club miles section. For now log in there your accumulated mileage if you want to do daily or weekly or monthly it’s up to you. Over the next few days we will be reorganizing the website to have an entire page dedicated to make it easier for everyone 😉

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