Wolf Lake RUCK UP Challenge



Join us for our first Wolf Lake RUCK UP Challenge !! As always participation is FREE we just ask you register to have an idea of the crowd census.

What is Rucking ??

We are going to walk with a weighted rucksack also known as a backpack. This event is going to help your heart pump well oxygenated blood while maintaining your body’s proper circulation. It can be done with any weight YOU feel comfortable with.

What distance options are there?
There is a 1 mile, 2 mile or 3 mile distance option available. We plan on making these a regular so if this is your first time we challenge YOU to challenge yourself.

What do I need?

Well to register first…. then to get started use what you have at home first before going and spending money on an actual ruck bag. Our recommendation is to start with a weight your comfortable with an increase by 10# each time from there.


This help promotes keeping a good form while creating a great cardio workout filled with endurance and strength training.

When: 7/11/2020
Where : We will meet at the Wolf Lake Green House , 2100 Calumet Avenue, Hammond, Indiana

Cost: Completely FREE to participate. You must pre-register so we have an idea of how many people are coming to the event. Finisher medals and ruck bag series patches available. Each RUCK will have a different patch to be able to obtain.

Go to www.wolflakepack.com for more information

  • Participants who are a no show and purchase any optional items are considered a no-show and those items will be forfeited and donated to a charity of our choice.